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October 18, 2023

Best Countries for Token Issuance: Navigating Jurisdictions to Establish Your Token Issuance Entity

In the vibrant and global sphere of cryptocurrency, selecting the ideal token issuance jurisdiction for domiciling a token issuance entity or a “Token SPV” (Special Purpose Vehicle) is a pivotal decision with long-lasting implications. Unlike conventional ventures, crypto projects often cross geographical boundaries, making a strategic approach to jurisdiction selection imperative. The project’s home state may not always serve as the most favourable choice, especially when targeting token sales across diverse regions worldwide.

Opting for a neutral jurisdiction might significantly benefit the project by enabling the identification of suitable distribution channels and crafting a solid regulatory strategy for marketing the tokens in key regions. Several crucial factors weigh in on this decision-making process, including the regulatory regime, taxation policies, availability of professional services, legal & structuring costs, and the jurisdiction’s reputation.

Regulatory Regime:

  • VASP (Virtual Asset Service Providers) Compliance: Engaging with virtual assets often categorises entities as Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs), necessitating adherence to specific regulatory protocols in many jurisdictions. However, not all jurisdictions encompass token issuance within the VASP definition, a factor that can markedly affect the regulatory journey of a Token SPV. In jurisdictions recognising token issuance under VASP, the application process and timelines can differ substantially. Some have well-established VASP regimes, while others may have prolonged application processes or may not have approved any applicants, leading to potential delays.
  • Security Token Offerings (STOs): The rise of security tokens has spurred certain countries to create conducive environments for STO-related ventures. Notable jurisdictions include Malta, Luxembourg, and Switzerland, each harbouring a unique regulatory landscape favouring security tokens, thereby attracting a multitude of security token projects.


  • Opting for a tax-neutral jurisdiction can be instrumental in ensuring efficient capital raising during the token sale and facilitating the fair transfer of value to regions where economic activity unfolds, aligning with the taxation norms in those areas.

Professional Services:

  • The availability of professional services specialising in token issuance and the broader crypto and blockchain ecosystem is paramount. This encompasses professional directors, accounting providers, tax advisors, and legal advisors adept at navigating the complex crypto terrain.

Legal & Structuring Costs:

  • The costs associated with legal compliance and structuring the Token SPV can vary widely across jurisdictions. It’s essential to balance these costs against the benefits derived from a jurisdiction’s reputation and regulatory rigour.


  • The reputation of a jurisdiction can significantly influence a project’s appeal to investors and stakeholders. Some projects may favour jurisdictions with a well-trodden path followed by numerous token issuers, while others might prefer jurisdictions perceived as exceptionally well-regulated.

Moreover, the swiftly evolving regulatory landscapes across different regions, as seen in the EU and the UK with the introduction of new comprehensive regulatory frameworks for crypto asset service providers, or in Dubai with proactive measures like the issuance of the Virtual Asset (VA) Issuance Rulebook, reflect the global movement towards creating a more structured and conducive environment for crypto projects.

In conclusion, selecting the best countries for token issuance and choosing a jurisdiction for domiciling a Token SPV necessitates a thorough analysis of various factors, coupled with an understanding of the global crypto regulatory outlook. As the crypto domain continues to mature, aligning with a jurisdiction that nurtures innovation while ensuring regulatory compliance will be instrumental in propelling a project towards its envisioned success. At Cavenwell, we excel in assisting projects with assessing the diverse token issuance jurisdiction and regime options, tailoring solutions to meet the unique needs of each venture.

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