We’re the bridge between Web 3.0 and traditional legal services.

We’ve built the corporate infrastructure for over $200m in Token Offerings, DAOs, NFT drops, dApps and DeFi Protocols.

We provide end-to-end managed corporate & legal structuring solutions that are specifically tailored to web 3 projects and their digital entrepreneurs.

Our experts in corporate structuring, international finance and regulatory compliance have been actively building our own Web3 projects and investing in others since 2016. This uniquely positions us with the knowledge, experience, expertise and market connectivity to bridge the gap between both industries.

Bridging the gap, in more ways than one.

We make sure things don’t fall between the gaps. An end-to-end solution managed by an experienced professional, no matter how many different firms and jurisdictions are involved.

Cavenwell is different to other options in the market. We don’t just leave you to it. Throughout the whole process you’ll have access to our team of professional experts to sound out your queries and guide you through, co-ordinating it all so it just works… seamlessly.

Our Expertise

Corporate Structuring

Corporate Structuring

Company incorporation, foundation formation, SPVs.

Token offering & DAOs

Token offering & DAOs

Token issuance entity incorporation, Investor KYC Solutions, structuring consultancy, jurisdiction selection, Regulatory & Compliance consulting.

AML, Regulatory & Compliance

AML, Regulatory & Compliance

Digital KYC solutions, AML Advisory, VASP applications.

Private Wealth & Nomad Residency

Private Wealth & Nomad Residency

Trusts, Nomad business solutions, Nomad Residency.

Directorship Services

Directorship Services

Offshore professional Directors, Blockchain & Crypto expert Directors, FinTech Directors.

Ancillary services

Ancillary services

Bank account opening, exchange account opening, market makers.

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July 5, 2024

Navigating VARA Licensing in Dubai: A Comprehensive Guide for Firms

Dubai has emerged as a global leader in blockchain and cryptocurrency innovation, thanks to its progressive regulatory framework. Central to this is the Dubai Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA), which provides a clear licensing regime for firms entering the virtual assets market. Understanding VARA licensing, including the process for obtaining a Dubai Crypto License and the option to establish a proprietary crypto trading license, is essential for businesses aiming for compliance and success in this dynamic environment.

June 14, 2024

Dubai's VARA Crypto Trading License: Everything You Need to Know

Learn everything you need to know about obtaining a Dubai VARA Crypto Trading License, including the licensing process, requirements, and how Cavenwell can assist you in navigating the regulatory landscape.

October 18, 2023

Best Countries for Token Issuance: Navigating Jurisdictions to Establish Your Token Issuance Entity

In the vibrant and global sphere of cryptocurrency, selecting the ideal token issuance jurisdiction for domiciling a token issuance entity or a "Token SPV" (Special Purpose Vehicle) is a pivotal decision with long-lasting implications. Unlike conventional ventures, crypto projects often cross geographical boundaries, making a strategic approach to jurisdiction selection imperative. The project's home state may not always serve as the most favourable choice, especially when targeting token sales across diverse regions worldwide.

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