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August 16, 2023

Dubai Web 3 & AI License: A Simplified Guide for Entrepreneurs & Advisors

Dubai Web 3 & AI License: A Simplified Guide for Entrepreneurs & Advisors


The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) stands as one of the world’s premier financial hubs, seamlessly connecting regional markets with global economies. Beyond its stature in finance, DIFC is fast evolving into a nexus for technology and innovation, boasting the region’s most expansive fintech ecosystem. The introduction of the Dubai Web 3 License and Dubai AI License further cements its commitment to drive tech evolution on a global scale.

DIFC: The Technological Powerhouse of the Middle East

Home to over 700 tech startups, DIFC’s vibrant ecosystem makes it the preferred jurisdiction for entrepreneurs looking to scale in the MENA region. With a strategic vision for the future, DIFC is forging ahead with the establishment of the Dubai AI & Web 3.0 Campus. Spanning over a mammoth 100,000 sq. ft., this world-class campus aims to:

  • Attract more than USD 300mn in collective funds
  • Welcome over 500 global AI and Web 3.0 startups
  • Generate 3,000+ job opportunities by 2028

Housed within the DIFC’s “Innovation One” premises, the campus promises state-of-the-art infrastructure, encompassing cutting-edge R&D facilities, accelerator programs, and collaborative workspaces – all designed to nurture and scale AI-focused companies.

DIFC’s Unique Legal Proposition

Unlike the majority of the 40+ free zones, DIFC operates under a legal system based on English common law. This framework holds immense significance for tech startups, scaleups, and venture capital investors, especially those keen on leveraging financial instruments such as SAFEs (Simple Agreements for Future Equity), SAFTs (Simple Agreements for Future Tokens), and Shareholder Agreements.

In contrast, the federal civil law governing other free zones necessitates complex corporate structures, like common law holding companies or SPVs, to utilize such agreements. DIFC stands out, offering direct access to these instruments without additional structuring costs, making it a highly attractive proposition for tech-focused ventures.

The AI & Web 3.0 License: Breaking Financial Barriers

Historically, the prestige of DIFC, coupled with its robust regulatory framework, has meant high licensing costs and prime real estate at a premium. The unveiling of the subsidized AI & Web 3.0 License heralds a new era. Designed to provide AI and Web 3.0 firms an affordable entry into the MENA region, these licenses allow firms to operate from flexi-desks and co-working spaces instead of investing in expensive physical offices.

Licensing Opportunities at DIFC’s Web 3 and AI Campus

For those eyeing the lucrative opportunities presented by DIFC’s tech-focused campus, here’s a breakdown of the licenses available:

  • Distributed Ledger Technology Services
  • Innovation & Artificial Intelligence Research & Consultancies
  • Software House
  • Technology Research & Development
  • Portal
  • Information Technology Consultants
  • Internet Consultancy
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Cyber Security Consultancy
  • Computer Consultancies
  • Internet Content Provider
  • Network Consultancies
  • Public Networking Services
  • Web-Design
  • Data Classification & Analysis Services
  • Education & Training Computer Software
  • Educational Technologies Research & Development
  • Electronic Chips programming


The introduction of the Dubai Web 3 License and Dubai AI License underscores DIFC’s ambition to be at the forefront of global technological innovation. For those seeking to establish a presence at the Web 3 and AI campus, Cavenwell stands out as the leading corporate services provider, specializing in the Web 3, AI, and Tech sectors, ensuring seamless integration into this pioneering ecosystem.

Whether you’re a venture capitalist, lawyer, accountant, or tech professional get in touch to discuss the DIFC Web 3 and AI license. The future is here, and it’s in Dubai.

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